Shiny Objects versus Business Fundamentals

Back at school, we had a standard, compulsory curriculum and then extra-curricular, optional activities. Could benefit from applying the same approach to business…especially if you suffer from shiny object syndrome (signing up to ALL the things)? Here’s a way to manage shiny objects versus business fundamentals.


First and most important you have your compulsory curriculum, the things you need to do to keep your business running.

The working IN your business parts:

  • Client delivery
  • Sales and discovery calls
  • Finding new clients, lead generation like marketing and social media

The working ON your business parts:

  • Planning and being the boss
  • Business admin like finance and legal
  • And even setting up systems and processes so you aren’t always starting from scratch.

I’d even put the routines that support your business into the compulsory category. Looking after your health and well-being and keeping your doubts and unhelpful habitual thinking under control. Whatever method helps, whether coaching, tapping, journalling or movement.

Then Shiny Objects

When those fundamentals are dealt with THEN you can move into extra-curricular activities. Aka all the shiny things you signed up to.

Because how are you going to fit in all the things you signed up for? All those webinars, masterclasses, eBooks, challenges and courses…that you hadn’t actually planned on attending. It’s true that might help your business but did you know you needed that before you saw it advertised?

Categorise them as extra-curricular and allocate time in your week dedicated to extra-curricular activities. I know you want to do them, I know the novelty makes them seem so much more appealing than categorising your expenses. But they are NOT essential to running your business right now.

I know choosing between shiny objects versus business fundamentals isn’t an easy choice. Although those new trainings could be just the thing you are looking for, they could also be something that doesn’t work for you. Plus if you’ve checked out all the other activities on your to-do list then you are actually free to dive fully into the training. Free to action what you learn right now. Instead of putting it off because you should really chase the clients who haven’t booked their next session.

Shiny Objects versus Business Fundamentals

When you set your priorities in this way those business tasks that make you feel uncomfortable the ones you avoid and resist, get done BEFORE the shiny thing that could help (or equally might not be right for you). And we know thinking about and avoiding the task is almost as painful as just getting on and doing it!

Need Help?

If you need help consistently sticking to your business fundamentals then let’s chat about how working on your habitual thinking and mindset can support a profitable and enjoyable business.

Shiny Object versus Business Fundamentals Shiny Object and Priorities