Three Keys to Consistency

Consistency is one of the many aspects you are told will grow your online business and attract clients. It lends itself to building a connection with your audience, potential customers repeatedly see you and read about your topic and hopefully your service. So let’s talk about three keys to consistency.

Three Keys to Consistency

Make it simple

This tip extends to so many factors from the actual content and places you want to be consistent to not taking on too much so your task list is reasonable and manageable. Yet it’s probably the one we allow to trip us up the most, thinking we have to tackle everything we might ever want to do today.

Ideas to help make your content easy:

  1. having templates that you use for images and a quick access selection of photos, don’t spend hours in Canva creating new graphics every week
  2. creating content categories so you know on Monday you post an engagement question, Tuesday is a quick tip, Wednesday a personal share etc
  3. limit the number of places where you have assigned the ‘must be consistent’ requirement. Because showing up fully in fewer places could actually be better than copying and pasting your content into 10 different Facebook groups PLUS your personal & business Facebook and Instagram and TikTok.

In terms of management, we want to make achieving consistency as easy as possible. If you are splitting your focus and trying to be consistent on five platforms at once, not easy. If you are trying to reinvent the wheel each week with content and imagery, not easy. Establish a habit of being consistent by focussing on one thing at a time and giving it your full attention. Then you’ll learn how to do it quickly, easily and effectively so you can move on to the next goal.

Do It In Advance

Scheduling is a huge tool in achieving consistency, but you don’t have to schedule the WHOLE week (or month). An easy way to guarantee a consistent presence on your social media channel is to schedule one or two posts a week for the next few weeks and bonus points if you sit down and do them in a single batch. Practically this is picking one or two of the content categories that you’ll always want to share, maybe that’s a quick tip and batch out six, one for each of the next six weeks. Then in four weeks’ time schedule another four and you’ll always be at least two posts in advance.

These posts mean you can tick off ‘achieve consistency’ and focus on delivering more value and service, using your creative spontaneity during the weeks to put up more posts. Fill up the rest of your content categories as you go through the week.

The other ‘advance’ aspect to take advantage of is noting down ideas as they occur to you. These ideas don’t have to be fully written posts but snippets that you can develop into posts. Keep them somewhere accessible from everywhere (a note on your phone works well). So you can capture them when you aren’t at your desk. AND when you find yourself with a spare fifteen minutes add some detail and you now have a post ready

Remember the goal

So often in our to-do list creation, we lose track of the end goal. I need to post on social media this week… But what do you want those five posts on your social media to achieve? When we are simply churning out activities for the sake of it they lose all inspiration or take excess willpower to do.

Stop and ask why you are doing this – what is the result you want to achieve. I post five times a week on social media because… Yes, there should be a goal (not just because that what’s I’ve been told to do). From this, you can check if the activity produces the result, determine how much of a priority it should be and give it the required focus.

There’s an element here of also being grateful for the opportunities. There’s the opportunity to grow your business using free platforms. Connecting with people across the world. Finding ideal clients where they are and not having to go to networking (unless that is your thing). And also the opportunity to help your people from exactly where you are. You can instantly share a tip with them that can improve their business or life or health.

So those are my three keys to consistency, what do you need to work on?

Achieving Consistency

Showing up regularly doesn’t need to be hard or time-consuming. It also doesn’t need to be every single day. A quality post will get more engagement than a quantity post. And remember consistency doesn’t mean every single day. So target a good number each week for you, your business, your schedule and your client.

Need Help?

If you need help implementing any of the three keys to consistency then reach out for a free chat about achieving consistency AND unlocking the thoughts that hold you back from consistently promoting online and growing your business.