Shiny Object Syndrome

When you’re still figuring out what works for your business it can be tempting to try everything. Because there are so many different strategies and ideas available. So many shiny objects. And signing up for them all that’s shiny object syndrome!

There is an endless supply of masterclasses, challenges, webinars, books, courses and events teaching us all the different ways we can do business. All the ways someone else has been successful in growing their business. So it’s obviously tempting to jump in and give them a go for your business.

It’s Too Much

But too many things invariably leads to overwhelm, procrastination and inconsistency. Which ends up killing your consistency.

Not only do you end up with more actions that you can probably handle, not everything will work well together. Some advice will lead say get a website and a funnel and offer a free lead magnet. Others just use social media, reels, stories and videos.

We end up collecting everything, trying to do everything, generally all at the same time and, to be honest, generally not doing anything particularly well or with great skills.

My main suggestion to deal with this? It’s is not a ban on signing up for things. But that does work for some people. It’s one thing at a time. One new thing. One change. Get good at it, pay attention before moving on to the next one thing.

Shiny Object Syndrome

There will always be more strategics and tactics

The internet and the world of business are evolving at such a pace that there will always be more things to try. Some will last, others will pass. New platforms. Improvements. Changes to algorithms. Humans love novelty we are wired for it.

If you can’t get your magpie instinct under control, you are going to keep collecting more and more things to try then I’d suggest finding some more storage to save all of the shiny objects you sign up to.

I’m not advocating against trying new things. But we need to approach it with curiosity and keep our fundamentals happening at the same time.

We need to approach it with an attitude of ‘I wonder if this could work for me’, not this IS the magic that will fix everything. It’s also best not to throw everything out in favour of the untested new shiny thing. You need to keep emailing, keep showing up where you’re already showing up. Use this as an addition, and experiment to check IF you should change.

There may well be room in your business for the new thing, but you need to find out conclusively first.

Overnight success?

Cause and effect in business (and marketing) can be tricky to trace. It’s hard to know why you aren’t getting results

  • is it the platform?
  • is it the strategy or tactic?
  • maybe it’s your messaging?
  • do people want this service?
  • maybe the price?
  • or your mindset?
  • or bad timing in the world…the list goes on

So we fall into the age-old trap of changing everything but then we don’t know which aspect made an impact. Was it the new price or the new platform or the mindset work you’ve been doing.

When this happens, changing everything, you’re left with having to keep doing ALL the things because you don’t know which change, which part, is effective.

Plus to get good at something takes time also, you rarely pick up a platform or tactic and it works straight out of the box.

So how long do you stick with a change?

Try not to anticipate instant results, if they happen, bonus. approach it holistically. Set a goal and some measures for success. Is it more followers or more engagement? Are you targeting a percentage or a number? Then get good at the skills and be consistent in implementing. Really it’s going to take at least a month of practice to get the basics.

We could all join LinkedIn and connect with a bunch of associates. But what content works for us and our audience on LinkedIn, how frequently should you be sharing, what posts will you comment on, do you need to collect recommendations and get endorsements on a bunch of skills, if so then which skills?

A solid strategy is going to be required to get a result.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny objects don’t just come in the shape of social media and content marketing. There are thousands of mindset work techniques, healing modalities, coaches, new business models and probably even the type of service you could offer.

If we accept shiny objects are a guaranteed part of running a business then we can learn to use them effectively rather than simply trying NOT to chase them compulsively like a labrador puppy with a tennis ball….plus some of those shiny things will be great for us, great for our business, we don’t want to be closed off from effective ideas from different ways we can grow a thriving business. So how do we manage shiny object syndrome?

Don’t burn everything down every time a new thing comes along, aka don’t stop doing all the things you’re already doing to start again from scratch unless it’s the only way. Instead, try a continual evolution, find out what works and do more of that until a) it stops working or b) something else works better or c) you hate doing it.

The key question – what are the things you are going to keep doing, the things you will want to perfect, learn about and the things you will be able to deliver consistently?

It’s the things you ENJOY!

Lean into that, figure out how to make the lucrative and effective for you, for your business and for your audience.

I love writing blogs, especially ones with the structure, don’t fall into this common trap, try this instead! Have you noticed?

Need help?

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