Is Overwhelm Blocking Your Visibility?

There are so many things you can do to get visible online, but that list quickly becomes overwhelming and you end up doing nothing. Is overwhelm blocking your visibility?

Content marketing comes with so many ‘shoulds’. You should be in all the places, you should be repurposing your content, you shouldn’t be using the same thing at the same time on different platforms, you should be optimising for the different platforms, you should be covering these specific things and you should be posting all the time.

If you weren’t already overwhelming a bit of research into effective content marketing and you will quickly become overwhelmed.

All the Rules

There are so many of these ‘rules’ when it comes to content marketing. You could learn ten thousand things and still have only scratched the surface.

There are all the platforms Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Mighty Networks, Twitter, YouTube, blogging, podcasting, decentralised platforms, is ClubHouse still a thing? And then all the sub-platforms within those like Instagram isn’t just the feed but stories, reels, lives, carousels and hashtag strategies.

Then there are all the things you ‘should’ be doing like educating and entertaining and engaging. Call to Action aspects. Tracking metrics. Testing and tweaking. Making the most of your content by scheduling it three times up to six months later. Repurposing so you don’t have to keep coming up with ideas.

You also have to actually create the content for these platforms, figure out what you are going to say, what your audience want and need to hear and how that all ties in with your messaging, services and promotions. Oh and figure out the frequency of all of that.

It’s not my intention to overwhelm you by reminding you of all these things. But if any of these are stopping you from publishing content then the overwhelm is blocking your visibility.

So how can you make it less overwhelming so you might actually get some content published and generate some clients and leads from the audience you build and serve?

It’s a Journey

In all honestly, you aren’t going to easily go from zero consistency to seven posts a week. You don’t go from not having ridden a bike for years to signing up for the Tour De France. You work your way towards the goal one step [one pedal?] at a time. Find the bike and pump up the tyres and oil the chain. Go for a short ride. Get the gears fixed. Go for progressively longer rides. Maybe even upgrade your bike. Add in some supplementary weight training. Etc.

It’s the same with content marketing. You build slowly from where you are to where you want to go. Yes, it would be great to start with repurposing content to get maximum value, but if you don’t know how to do that effective then simply making one weekly post is a great start. Make that one post the best it can be. Then consider adding in a second post for the week.

Scale Slowly

You might start with a written blog and then add a podcast version or a video version, when you’ve nailed the written part. Or maybe video is easier for you, then start there and work backwards towards a written blog.

It’s the same with sending an email newsletter, send one once a month, then maybe move up to fortnightly, then weekly if you wish. There are no rules. A once a month high-value email might be more worthwhile for your audience than the same content spread over 4 weeks.

Build Momentum

Starting with what you already know how you start. You can only build momentum when you make a start. And you learn a heck of a lot by doing, not just theorising. Plus you get a whole lot more efficient when you’ve done something many times. When I started recording a video version of the blog for YouTube it took way longer than it takes now.

Simply you need to start where you are. Let go of the expectations of doing every single thing possible, doing it all perfectly and doing any of it in the least time possible. Everything is a work in progress, you and your business included.

If you need help discovering what’s holding you back from being consistently visible online and how to overcome that overwhelm then get in touch for a free chat to check is overwhelming blocking your visibility? And plan how to overcome that.

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Is Overwhelm Blocking Your Visibility Overwhelm Blocking Your Visibility

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