Two Keys to Building Confidence

Do you wish marketing was easier so you could show up and promote your business more? Maybe you’ve tried lots of tactics; scheduling more, hiring someone to do it, or feeling the fear and doing it anyway. But if these aren’t working then maybe underlying these tactics is a bigger mindset piece of confidence. So let’s cover two keys to building confidence.

So that you don’t have to implement every marketing strategy and tactic and build the courage of a lion in order to grow your business.

Why is confidence important?

If the opposites of confidence are distrust, scepticism, doubt and uncertainty then clearly confidence is important. If you doubt or distrust your abilities… Or you are sceptical or uncertain about the outcomes you can help people achieve… How could you genuinely and authentically promote working with you?

When you lack confidence you feed that doubt. This isn’t always about self-esteem. You could lack confidence in lots of areas, writing good blog posts or being able to do a Facebook live, without doubting every ability you have.

And doubt isn’t always a bad thing, it can help you identify where you need to improve and develop. Doubt can warn you of possible consequences that you need to accept before pursuing an outcome and taking action.

It can be interesting to check in with areas where you are confident and see what might be different between that and where you aren’t so confident.

Two Keys to Building Confidence

Today I want to cover two elements that will help you to build that confidence to pursue your dreams, promote your business or equally the confidence to give up something that just isn’t working for you.

Competence and congruence.


Simply real confidence cannot exist without some level of competent skill. You cannot be confident at riding a bike until you have practised and built up a level of competence. Prior to that, you don’t have the skills, strategy and experience to deal with the bumps and potholes, to correct your balance, to stop and start without crashing.

This is where you learn.

And you learn to take those skills beyond beginner. There’s no set level of competence. How skilled and practised you need to be will depend on a lot of factors like the task complexity; if you’ve done something similar previously; and if you are naturally suited to the tasks. This lack of a set level leads to underplaying our value and overcompensating with more training and more learning. And when you start digging into a topic or area you realise how much there is to know.

For example painting. Put paint on paper? Well, what type of paint, paper, brush, technique, does it have to be paper, do you need a brush, what size, what effect, what other mediums could you introduce? Etc.

Ask : do you already know enough to be able to help people?


If something truly doesn’t align with who you are as a person then confidence is likely to be a struggle. If aren’t into team sport and competition or early mornings, then you probably aren’t going to be a confident daybreak soccer player.

This comes out in online business through simply following what a guru or mentor says you should be doing without first reflecting it through your lens for alignment to you.

The analogy of archery – you can fire as many arrows as you have but until you align with the target you’re unlikely to be successful (and even less likely to be repeatedly successful). With confidence, until you align with the target you aren’t going to have any confidence that you can hit the target.

Ask : what strategy are you trying to implement that simply doesn’t suit you?

Building Confidence

There’s no quick fix to building confidence. Your marketing isn’t going to be perfect overnight (perfection doesn’t exist). You are going to remove all doubt, but you can get that doubt in check and it can be helpful. And remember confidence is building on learning, growing, making mistakes (which is simply more learning) and experience.

If you need help discovering what’s holding you back from being confident and using the two keys to building confidence then get in touch for a free chat about how we could work together.

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Keys to Building Confidence Two Keys to Building Confidence