Consistency to Build Know, Like and Trust


How many times have you been told that in order to build know, like and trust with your audience through content marketing you MUST be consistent? But how important is consistency to build know, like and trust?

What is Know, Like and Trust?

KLT is represented as the stages new customers go through when they discover you before they will buy. The journey from being a stranger on the internet to sending money to your bank account.

  • They need to get to KNOW you – what are you about – what are you like – who are you as a person – what is your product and service – etc. Here we are building our memorability.
  • They need to LIKE you – you need to resonate with them, build a rapport – they might like cats and share your cats so you have common ground. Here we start to build a relationship.
  • They need to TRUST you – will you deliver on your promises – are you actually an expert in the thing you say you’re an expert in – can you be relied upon. Here we are building our reputation.

It’s like the dating stage before you commit to a relationship.

Consistency Is Important in Building Know, Like & Trust

  • If you don’t show up then people don’t even have the opportunity to get to know that you exist.
  • If you post once and never again you are relying on people seeking you out and judging from one post that you are likeable.
  • And if you only post one tip to help your audience how do they know you’ll be able to solve the nuances of their problem?

There is an aspect of showing up regularly, posting on your platform, or groups or blogs. This repetition is going to help people remember who you are and what you do.

But It’s Not JUST Posting ALL THE TIME

Know – a lot of the focus in the ‘know’ space should be on content – and being consistent on one area, one service. If you’re switching topic every week how will someone know what it is you help them with? One minute I’m offering money mindset coaching and the next a course on Human Design. Can they work together, of course, but you need to make how they work together perfectly clear.

Like – repeated showing the same thing may make you appear one dimensional. But you need to remain congruent to who you are. They are many facets of you, don’t just consistently share the one or two things you think are the ‘professional’ parts. Be a human, because that’s what you are.

Trust – showing up every day isn’t proving to people that you are able to help them. You need to build credibility as an expert in your area. And you do this by actually helping people, I’m 100% certain there are free tips you could share without giving away all of your services.

Regularity is an aspect in ALL three, but it’s not the totality of all three.

  • Stay consistent with a topic area, messaging and content (aka what you talk about all the time)
  • Be consistently you, sharing enough to build a rapport with your audience. Not trying to be someone else.
  • Be consistent in helping people with quality content

And yes showing up regularly so they can trust you are reliable and will deliver what they’ve paid for. But don’t take it too far…

Generating Consistency

So what are you going to do if consistency just isn’t something that comes easily to you? And you want to use consistency to build know, like and trust?

Also brainstorm ways you can increase your consistency, scheduling content in advance, batching content when you inspired, and even creating yourself an emergency fund of posts for when nothing else is working and you’d just like to share something.

Lastly, I’d encourage a little self-exploration of the reasons, aka excuses, why you struggle to be consistent with your content. These clues to your limiting beliefs, habitual thinking and mindset are key in unlocking this aspect of growing a business online.

If you’d like some help exploring your habitual thinking get in touch for a free chat.


Consistency to Build Know, Like and Trust Using Consistency to Build Know, Like and Trust